The Family Court System Playing Field Unfair!

Double Standards in Family Courts - 2016

Denied Contact - 2015 Joshua Youssef, a fit parent had all visitation with his son stripped of him with absolutely no finding of abuse and neglect. Josh is an upstanding, law-abiding citizen with absolutely no criminal history, is an entrepreneur, business-owner, job-creator, and most importantly, a loving father who has been victimized by the biased and rogue N.H. Family Courts. In this multi-part video series, Josh testifies before the New Hampshire House of Representatives Committee for Redress of Grievance, to make known to our lawmakers that the Family Courts of N.H. are abusing children and families by denying parents and children access to each other with no abuse or neglect findings.what-happened-to-equality-20161

In this case, former guardian ad litem Tracy A. Bernson made feminist-agenda-based recommendations to the court, which were adopted by Marital Master Nancy J. Geiger, and approved and signed off by Judges Brackett L. Scheffy and Edward M. Gordon. These officials have acted under color of law and have violated their specific and respective oaths of office in so doing.A Mothers Love A Fathers Love

PLEASE HELP ZORAYA Children need both parents to be involved in their lives even when parents don't live together anymore!
Children need both parents to be involved in their lives even when parents don’t live together anymore!

Find Court Qualified “Supervised Visitation Monitor” – Once a week (for one hour) in Miami-Dade or Broward County. As Ordered by Judge Manno-Schurr on February 2nd, 2015. WILL PAY – Contact Stuart H. Abramson, Attorney at Law at (305) 270-7796missing-years-of-my-daughter-life-by-parental-alienation-2016

This Father’s Day, and every day, all across America, there are children who are being denied access to their fathers, and most of these fathers were in their children’s lives prior.father-importance

People must awaken to the truth and the horrors of family law and see how it’s the other parent and the family courts that have bankrupted and broken them down.

Changes must be made to these systems so the court-induced parental alienation immediately ceases from them doing more harm to our children.

How is it in the best interests of our children that their fathers’ driver licenses are suspended, and they are eventually thrown in jail for inability to pay?

Here are fathers who are already broke, bankrupted, and brokenhearted and now without any ability to pay, they order him to pay or go to jail.

Where is someone supposed to come up with that kind of money when they’ve lost everything? Tell me, people. How is this in the best interests of our kids? (Yes, I am not disputing that there are some parents who don’t deserve to be parents — moms and dads.)

But most often, these are loving, “fit” fathers who have been engineered by a system designed to break them down in every way, until all they can do is run.

They are hopeless and the cycle then goes on! What happens to them when they run? They become despondent and commit suicide, like Chris Mackney, or get shot at, like Walter Scott!

Does it make sense to suspend a parent’s drivers license so now they can’t work, can’t get money to pay?

Does it make sense to throw a parent in jail because of an inability to pay, so that while he’s locked up his arrears get worse?

It’s up to us to break the cycle!

Tina Granstrom


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Broward County Public School conspires with Judge Manno-Schurr to enable Parental Alienation, a severe form of child abuse.
Broward County Public School conspires with Judge Manno-Schurr to enable Parental Alienation, a severe form of child abuse.

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Children's Rights

Alienation is Child Abuse That when a Child is born, both biological Parents have a right to know. 

A Child has a right to both Parents in their lives.

Fit Parents decide what is in the ‘best interests’ of their Children.

Good, average, and poor Parents are Fit and Equal Parents.

That you and your spouse have a right to be presumed Fit and Equal Parents (equal in terms of both physical and legal custody). 

If anyone (a spouse, relative, social services) wishes to challenge these rights, you have:

1) The right to counsel.

2) The right to be presumed a fit Parent, innocent, and deserving of an equal relationship with your kids.

3) The right to protection of a criminal jury. The “state” needs to prove you were a demonstrated serious and intentional threat to your Child’s safety and that you acted with mal-intent towards your Children.


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