Shared Parenting Reduces Childhood Stress

Shared Parenting Train - 2015The researchers predicted that, after the children whose parents weren’t divorced, the children who lived with one parent would exhibit the fewest issues.

However, these children were actually significantly more likely to experience various health problems, including:

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Feelings of tension or sadness

  • Dizziness


  • Issues concentrating

  • Stomachaches or appetite disturbances

why-would-a-judge-2016The researchers theorized that children who spent time living with both parents after divorce might experience fewer health issues for various reasons. These children might enjoy closer relationships with each parent.

They might also have greater access to financial and social resources, which could offer various benefits for their general well-being. These benefits may make shared parenting an approach worth seriously considering for parents who are already interested in this arrangement.shared-parenting

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An illustration of a little girl recollecting a memory of her parents arguing isolated on white background

Many parents who are divorcing in Colorado appreciate the potential benefits of shared parenting. Still, they may worry that this arrangement will create needless stress for their children. Shared parenting can introduce relocations and upheaval. It also can increase parental interactions, along with the potential for conflict. However, recent research suggests that, despite these issues, shared parenting after divorce might still be the least stressful arrangement for children.

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