Parental Alienation Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma Family Courts - 2015

PAS Caselaw Update – 2016

parental-alienation-as-a-victim-standupforzoraya-2015The victims of psychological maltreatment suffered from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal tendencies at the same rate — and in some cases, an even greater rate — than those physically or sexually abused. Joseph Spinazzola, who lead the study, points out that since psychological abuse has no physical wounds associated with it, child protective case workers have a particularly hard time recognizing it. Are you — or anyone you know — the victim of psychological abuse or neglect?  We welcome you to share your experiences in the comments section below.

My research in social media led me to conclude a large population of parents lie about being victims of parental alienation. In an experiment I offered several opportunities to thousands of parents ( claiming to be victims of parental alienation ) a chance to take full ad- vantage of free consultations and free video conferences, on the subject of parental alienation. The tracked response confirmed only 5% of the members of these social media groups accepted the free offers.why-would-a-judge-2016

The social media groups included more than twenty groups claiming to be support groups or advocates for recognition of parental alienation; in addition other groups correlated to high conflict divorce with children were pooled into the social media population including: Father Rights Organizations, Step Parenting groups, Blended Family Support Groups, Support Groups for Personality Disordered Relationship Survivors and the population included non-custodial parent groups. . This low response rate helps to validate that many of the parents joining these social media sites -claiming to be victims of an alienating parent or – claiming that their children are victims of parental alienation – have not been truthful, in addition, the high statistical result for non-reactive parents ( 95% ) supports the finding that these non-reactive parents, do not match up with the profile of a targeted parent.parental-alienation-bully-billboard-2016

A targeted parent with an alienated child would not turn down a free consultation to receive support for themselves and for their children. Nor would a true targeted parent refuse to accept an offer to receive access to free online video conferences specifically about the subject of parental alienation. Nor would targeted parents turn down offers to help them with opportunities to repair a lost / damaged relationship with their child(ren). The statistical data validates that parents are lying about being victims of parental alienation and they are lying about having children- who are victims of alienation.

alienated-family-2016Over the last 2 years, I also provided over 150 Free consultations. During the course of those consults I ruled out parental alienation as a dynamic in approximately 50% of those consultations. . This additional data is an important statistical finding that supports the fact a significantly large population of parents claiming to be victims of PA regardless of whether or not they discovered an offer for free services through social media groups or through other re- sources lends further credibility to findings that many parents are just not truthful about being victims.

This research has a far greater value for treatment of children that have ruptured relationships with parents. The right therapeutic approach is critical to repairing these parent-child relational problems and it is crucial that a mental health professional with the right expertise is assisting or the outcome will only lead to longer periods of disconnection if not outright failure. . The next logical question to ask is why are so many people lying about being false victims of alienation ? I have a hypothesis that there are several reasons why parents are not truthful about being victims of parental alienation.

Some of those reasons include:

1. Many parents cannot look at any of their own contributions to the estrangement because some parents live in denial or a delusional state as a way to protect them from feelings of wrongdoing.

2. Some parents seek validation from outsiders as a way to explain away their lost or ruptured relation- ships to extended family members, significant others, new spouses and friends.

3. More than a few parents are making false claims to cover up real abuse and continue to try and claw back a parent-child relationship through the courts.

4. There is a lot of chatter and information on social media sites about parental alienation and it feeds a growing population of parents losing custody in court cases, CPS investigations and post divorce litigation. My guess is that one day we may discover dozens of explanations for why parents lie about being victims of parental alienation.

We are only at the starting gate for understanding the causal factors, but one thing is certain – If you are a parent that wants to know if you can solve a problem pertaining to parental alienation, you should stop listening to parents making any such claims in social media groups. You are far more likely to follow bad advice and listen to frauds, liars and an abundant number of delusional parents, looking for a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. .

Real victims of parental alienation need to only make an effort to contact a consultant to get answers to the questions they have about this subject. Parents wrongly accused of parental alienation, also need to understand they should not listen to non-experts in social media groups. Any wrongly accused parent should contact only an expert and consultant in parental alienation to learn how to address false allegations.


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via FROM THE DESK OF THE FCVFC….Child abuser in Black Robe - DivorceCorp - 2016

I have organized and hosted numerous conferences on the topic of parental alienation. One conference even made the front page of the National Post newspaper.

I have authored a continuing educational course on treatment for parental alienation. My online CE course provides 18 CEU’s and is approved by the American Psychological Association and dozens of other professional associations.

I’ve reformed state mandated divorce education programs to include curriculum content, on the dynamics of parental alienation.

FROM THE DESK OF THE FCVFC...Stop Family Court Crimes - 2016

Tara reveals the shocking answer…

Most people are aware of the severe psychological trauma that sexual and physical abuse can leave on a child. However, according to the he American Academy of Pediatrics, psychological abuse is…

“the most challenging and prevalent form of child abuse and neglect”

And yet … psychological abuse is rarely — if ever — discussed.

There aren’t even any laws against psychological abuse. So why does society seem to turn a blind eye to this devastating abuse in favor of more visible forms of abuse — like sexual and physical abuse?

It seems the biggest issue is lack of awareness. Until now, most psychological studies have focused on the long-term effects of other kinds of abuse. However, a new study suggests that victims of emotional abuse or neglect can develop similar — and often worse — mental health problems than victims of sexual or physical abuse.

Researchers analyzed data from over 5,600 children who had a reported history of physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment, or some combination of the three. (For this study, psychological maltreatment was defined as either abuse or neglect inflicted by a caretaker.) They found that over 60% had a history of psychological maltreatment, and almost one-quarter of the cases were related to what they classified as psychological maltreatment.

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