Warning Signs of Emotional Child Abuse

Any form of Parental and Child Alienation is abuse.

A child’s natural right is to be loved by both their parents and families, our right as parents is to love and nurture our children.

When the right is broken and we are stripped by malicious family litigation and fabricated stories to hurt another, we loose sight of the once joy formed for a growing baby. In the best interest of our children we must reform family law!



These internalized working models of the attachment trauma are contained in the pattern of:  “abusive parent”-“victimized child”-“protective parent”brainsyntax_children_pawns_deadbeat_society_g

These trauma-related roles from the childhood of the narcissistic/(borderline) parent are now being reenacted in the current family relationships.

The lack of empathy of the alienating-pathological parent, lack of empathy is a key symptom feature of narcissism, allows that parent to use the child as a weapon (exploitation of others in the service of one’s own needs is another key symptom feature of narcissism) to emotionally batter the targeted-victimized parent in the most brutal of ways, by taking away the love shared between the targeted parent and the child.


State legislative sessions are underway and family law bills are being introduced around the nation and the bills designed to improve parent access to children.…

Need to be jailed like criminals - 2015

The parental alienation epidemic is out of control. it is destroying families by the millions! We need tax payer funded criminal courts to recognize and prosecutor…
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