8 Commandments for Surviving Christmas Custody | Tiffany Benyacko

Christmas trees. Christmas presents. Christmas custody?

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When a couple with children are no longer together, the couple has to decide who will have the children during the holidays. There are some who may celebrate the holidays together in hopes of creating a peaceful holiday for the children.

There are others who are not in a true co-parenting relationship.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau via CNN, there are an estimated four million divorced parents in the United States. Based on those numbers, many have experience in coordinating Christmas custody.

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A Devoted and Loving Father ~ Stand up for Zoraya – GoFundMe

Family Law Reform Demonstration at Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Miami Florida 1

Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center
175 N.W. 1st Avenue
Miami, Florida 33128

Dear Honorable Judges:

The purpose of this letter is to and for verifying that I am the Natural Mother and that David M. Inguanzo is the Natural Father of David K. Inguanzo born on the 20th of September 1999. I have known David M. Inguanzo since 1992 when we met at St. Thomas University. In 1995 we began living together which led to our marriage and the birth of our son. Our marriage ended on June 4th, 2004. I remarried in 2007 and have 2 more children named Noah and Faith.

Since we met, during our relationship, and up to the present David and I have had our share of differences which I think is normal in human nature as not everyone can agree on everything and most times we just have to agree to disagree. However any and all of the differences that David and I have experienced have always been overcome and in the end we have always, and I am sure that we will always continue, acting in the best interest of our son.Project Fatherhood FL 4- 2015

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Any Court, Any Judge, Any Attorney, Any Parent who rules or strives to keep a child out of the lives of both of their fit and willing parents should be considered a child abuser.

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The parental rights of unwed fathers

Time for a change

Excerpt from Bolden vs. Does: Eviscerating the parental rights of unwed fathers | Law Blogs :

Quilloin was decided in 1978, at a time when sex role stereotypes permeated every aspect of the American psyche and culture, including jurisprudence. Although some progress toward gender neutralization of custody law was being made, the maternal preference was still an explicit part of the statute and/or case law of every jurisdiction. Most people, including judges, believed that women are simply born with an instinctive desire and ability to raise children, while men are not. To the Quilloin Court, therefore, it made sense to place the burden of proof of willingness and ability to parent on fathers while at the same time giving mothers the benefit of a presumption of willingness and ability to parent.

This issue affects Unwed Biological Fathers all over the world!

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When Mothers Damage Their Daughter’s Ability to Love a Man The Mother-Daughter Relationship Echoes Through Time

Gordon, R.M. (1998) The Medea Complex and the Parental Alienation Syndrome:

baby mama - 2015When Mothers Damage Their Daughter’s Ability to Love a Man The Mother-Daughter Relationship Echoes Through Time. Ed. by Gerd H. Fenchel. Jason Aronson Inc. Northvale, New Jersey. Updated and rewritten in Gordon, R.M. (2006d) An Expert Look at Love, Intimacy and Personal Growth. IAPT Press, Allentown, Pa. (Chapter 5 Medea and Parental Alienation)

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Should Families Going Through Divorce Have Family Court-Ordered Psychiatrists?

As kids face their parents’ divorce, should courts assign psychiatrists?

The children suffer persistent feelings of insecurity and self-doubt as a result of absentee parents as discussed by R. Chris Fraley and Marie E. Heffernan’s of the University of Illinois 2013 study, Attachment and Parental Divorce: A Test of the Diffusion and Sensitive Period Hypotheses. And what disheartens me the most is that on the front lines, it seems the children most at risk are the ones whose parents are the least likely to take time to talk about the child‘s feelings,academics, problem-behavior or insecurities. 

In fact, these are the same parents I see using their child as a pawn while waging war against the other parent

If the child turns to alcohol and drug use — or his or her academics falter, as is prone to happen — many parents berate and scold the child without taking into account their own culpability for their child’s behavior. 

The number of parents I have seen use their child as subterfuge against their former spouse would shock even the least romantic of us. Beyond the most obvious cases, there are hidden scars that surface when parents often don’t even realize how horrible they are being, and many parents subconsciously make their child feel guilty for spending time with the other parent. 

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Fairness For Good Men in Family Courts ~ Dad’s Don’t Quit!!!

 Importance of Fathers and Parental Equality

It is important for a child to have access to both parents in their lives, equally. Yet, our society, media outlets, and family court system does not appropriately acknowledge parental equality. In fact, some would say that biased family courts…

Stand Upnot a single mom - 2015 Give Dad’s A Good Name

Fairness to Good Men in Divorce


Do not re-elect bad Family Court Judges's photo.

Do not re-elect bad Family Court Judges

Bad Judges - Stop Abuse Campaign 2015If we all did this in our courts, perhaps they would finally get the message.
A group of fathers in New Jersey have banded together to bring a class action lawsuit against five family court judges. They allege their constitutional rights…

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Fairness to good men in divorce

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