World4Justice · Cyber Protest · 2016


January 16January 29  –  Jan 16 at 12:05 AM to Jan 29 at 3:05 AM in UTC


Target 2016 to make as many e-mail, phone in and snail mail correspondence with the politicians as possible to see who puts Family Justice and Child Welfare at the top of their political agenda! So e-mail, write and call a radio call in TODAY!

Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Law Reform - 2015

Florida Election Topic 2015
Removing the winner-gets-the-kids concept would also remove the incentive for parents to focus on each other’s faults, and to “dig up dirt” on each other. It may not be reasonable to expect divorcees to co-parent blissfully, without conflict, but getting off to a less acrimonious start, one that encourages cooperation rather than competition, would certainly seem to have a greater chance of serving the interests of children than the existing system has.

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