Family Court A Neglected Public Issue


The Des Moines register is wanting questions to ask the presidential candidates.ChangePolitics Question - Jan2016

They are going to ask the top five questions according to popularity.

Currently the top question is about ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

If we can top that maybe we can actually get someone to address the issue?

Last night we were in 12th place. We are now in 8th!! 

Family Civil Rights Movement - 2015
This is the question:

Would you support social security title IV D and family law reform?

Please go vote for it.


Thomas FidlerFRM USA - 2015

Support this question!   ~~  WWW.CHANGEPOLITICS.ORG

Florida Election Topic 2015
Removing the winner-gets-the-kids concept would also remove the incentive for parents to focus on each other’s faults, and to “dig up dirt” on each other. It may not be reasonable to expect divorcees to co-parent blissfully, without conflict, but getting off to a less acrimonious start, one that encourages cooperation rather than competition, would certainly seem to have a greater chance of serving the interests of children than the existing system has.

Parent Alienation in Family Court:
A Neglected Public Issue

In today’s news we find at least three parents who lost their children to untimely deaths: a 13 year old boy discovered under a snow pile on his parent’s homestead, a Syracuse University track star found dead in her Times Square hotel room and a woman pulled from her car in a lake. The headlines are predictable. Stricken parents lament their losses as the worst of nightmares.7687dcdcaf4794821a0795fd5a9c6d96

Yet similar losses are occurring every day in our nation’s family courts.  Through an insidious process known as child alienation, parents are being deprived of their children in order to feed a trillion dollar divorce industry. Time and again our media ignores this vital news story. We are even forced to learn that the New York Times was preoccupied on the same day as these tragic losses with a photo cropping scheme to defraud the public into believing that George Bush was absent from a civil rights rally in Selma, Alabama.

Where Does a Self-Governing Society Find the First Amendment Today?

Does First Amendment tampering get any worse than this? As a civil rights advocate who successfully prosecuted numerous cases, this “Scheme at Selma” is no small event for a self governing society. It comes in the wake of an NBC news anchor who falsely reported an attack upon his helicopter, raising serious interferences with national security.  And it begs the question: where do we go today for our First Amendment rights? What good is our speech if the press has seriously breached the trust reposed to it under the same amendment? Where do we get all the news that’s fit to print when the press has joined in the corruption of our government?

It was depressing enough to learn of the arrest of New York’s top Assembly Leader on bribery charges that implicate lawyers, judges and possibly the Governor himself. We know now why he prematurely disbanded his Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. As one of the few invited speakers, I raised the subject of family court corruption but it was suppressed along with the Commission. Then, of course, there is the liberal cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s private government. That’s a lot of corruption for the American public to digest in so short a time.

However in our nation’s family courts, the corruption may be far more damaging to the average citizen. We take for granted that parents will fight over custody and support of our children and assume that these courts are the proper forums for resolution. But the custody framework is antiquated and highly dysfunctional. It actually breeds needless conflict and bad parents. At least one Supreme Court Justice described these same courts as kangaroo operations and the misconduct is growing here on an alarming scale. In my own work as a parental advocate, I have reiterated the proof time and again through personal experience.

For example, Syracuse family judge Bryan Hedges was removed from my custody case for “political espionage” and from the bench altogether for sexual misconduct upon his five year old handicapped niece. A judge in Lowville, New York was discovered fabricating college degrees in a scheme to impute support income in retaliation for my public criticisms, a Michigan judge was removed for presiding over a child support case involving a mother he impregnated in chambers, and two Pennsylvania judges are doing time in prison for a “Kids for Cash” scandal which necessitated the reversal of 4,000 juvenile convictions. My list goes on, and it reads like a docket sheet in any criminal court.

So where’s the outrage? Where are the people? Where is the modern day Selma protests over the corruption of our children? On March 1, 2015, I released a 25-page report titled “We Are Fathers” in an effort to incite long overdue protests and reform. It is the product of two decades as a trial attorney observing the misconduct first hand and tolerating all I could until my own children were harmed. I can identify with the likes of Curt Schilling when he hunts down the cyber bullies who trashed his daughter, but the average victims of family court corruption have no one to look out for them. They comprise the walking dead in our society today.

On March 18, 2015, I will be starting a speaking tour in Nashville with the goal of sparking a national reform campaign. My report provides startling insights into an insidious trend which is harming our families, health care, moral fiber and productivity as a nation. A six point action plan is set out which invites you to participate by supporting a rally in our nation’s capital this June and by donating the necessary funds to facilitate the campaign. We are currently engaged in soliciting public figures and benefactors to oppose a powerful opposition of bar associations and political insiders. We cannot ignore this project. Kindly give us your assistance today because time is of the essence as our First Amendment continues to  break down in this country. It is time for us to take this particular law into our own hands.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol, Director
National League of Fathers, Inc. & Parenting Rights Institute
(315) 796-4000


Support this question!

47 thoughts on “Family Court A Neglected Public Issue

  1. Our Constitutional right to bear arms is front and center in state and federal legislatures. But where is the debate on protecting our basic human rights to parent our children? (also constitutionally protected by the 14th amendment) Every day in every state, mothers and fathers lose their basic human right to parent their children.

    Why? Because the divorce industry wants your family’s money! Estimated at $170 Billion annually! How? We all have a family member, friend or neighbor who has been through a nasty divorce. Most of us believe children need both parents equally and that there exist a standard of 50/50 custody that the courts start from.


    In litigated divorce, there is no standard as to how children should spend their time between parents. The lack of a parenting time standard causes our children to be viewed as a prize where unethical lawyers and custody evaluators use them as pawns between parents. If there were a parenting time standard, it would resolve over half of divorce litigation taking place right now.


    Start with the presumption that both parents are fit and entitled to an equal role in their children’s lives. This presumption is rebuttable only by findings of fact based upon a preponderance of evidence in abuse, neglect or addiction. Everything else unconstitutionally denies parents their rights to parent children.


    The divorce industry is $170B annually and motivated to oppose standards so they can create, promote and perpetuate conflict to increase billing hours exponentially. Have you ever heard “It’s only the lawyers who win in divorce”?

    Add to lawyers: custody evaluators (duplicate roles in some states), criminal lawyers, courts, psychologists, therapists, investigators, GALs, an entire cottage industry of brokers! With overdue and demanded, simple and just changes to state statues, families and children can be forever protected from the ravages of the divorce industry by a simple and equal standard. The lack of a presumptive 50/50 rebuttable standard destroys lives and families, often forever. Children as pawns can be scared for life, arbitrarily lose a parent, or two, for life and are in much greater peril in life. Mothers and fathers lose their children and react badly. Suicide and homicide is not uncommon. Mothers and fathers can be jailed for protecting their children or going bankrupt.

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