Judge Manno-Schurr deprives parent of equal parental rights and time with child.

Courts empower alienation in divorce child custody battles when they deprive a parent of the ability to exercise their equal parental rights and time with their child. This leads to parental alienation syndrome.Contact Denial is Child Abuse - 2016

Stand up for Zoraya

Separating and divorcing parents suffer injuries of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Family Courts.

When Family Court’s Judges enable a party (Parent) to interfere with parental contact without any clear and convincing evidence that the other party (Parent) is harmful or dangerous it is Parental Alienation Child abuse.

Parental Alienation

project-fatherhood-fl-6-2015Parental alienation occurs when a parent intentionally does not honor the other parent’s visitation rights. Oftentimes the child(ren) are taught to become unjustly obsessed with negative qualities of the other parent. Both the parent and the child share antagonistic views of the other parent. The child sometimes will tell the parent that he/she does not want to visit with the parent. This is usually done by the child at the insistence of the other parent.

Oftentimes visitation (time sharing) becomes chronically interfered with. The one sabotages the relationship between the other parent and the child. The parent must take action through the court. Contacting a family law attorney as soon as possible to discuss the problems is imperative. The parent should keep a diary of all the denied visitations (time sharing) as well as the denied telephone calls, holiday visits that were denied, denial of the parents ability to partake in the medical, educational and welfare of the child(ren).



Our Family Law System preys on the Parent-Child relationship to increase the business of the courts. We want to educate our legislators to correct this wrong.

Good, …””FIT”…, caring, and loving parents who are cut off from their kids are unable, and most times, do not want to communicate with the “child-contact interfering (alienating) parent” because anything they say will only be twisted and lied about.parental2balienation2b-2b2016

The  “child-contact interfering (alienating) parent” is cutting off a relationship for their own reasons…NOT any REAL CONCERNS.Assersions and Evidence - 2015

We’re NOT talking about “UNFIT PARENTS“, so save your comments.

An unfit parent is usually one who struggles with drug or alcohol abuse or some form of substance abuse; has been found to have physically or sexually abused the child; has an extensive criminal record or is deemed to be completely unreliable as to the care of the child.

Family courts have bullied and terrorized parents and children for generations.shared parenting

Bitter Parental Relationships

Additionally, some parents are still bitter after the divorce. This bitterness toward the non-custodial parent affects their ability to properly parent. Oftentimes this causes problems with the non-custodial parent’s timesharing with his/her child(ren). It is the custodial parent’s responsibility according to Florida law to encourage and foster an ongoing relationship with the non-custodial parent. If the custodial parent is incapable of performing that responsibility the non-custodial parent might have to resort to the court for help, either for enforcement of the visitation that is Ordered, as well as sanctions (penalties) against that parent. The court can change the custody (Time Sharing) of the child(ren) for interference with a parent’s visitation (time sharing) rights.


We simply want to remove children from adult conflicts. We strive to remember that all parents have responsibilities AND have (also) made sacrifices for their children. We should remember that all parents, moms and dads, have “FUNDAMENTAL” Rights.

Our mission is to expose how 300,000+ American lives have been lost in the past 10 years due to profit seeking legal professionals and associated experts. In 2009 6000 veterans took their own life (silent victims) many related to family law matters.

The organized concealment of these deaths “under the color of law” must be held accountable to the victim’s families. We seek to unite all parent groups to expose the corruption in the family law business. We seek accountability of the guilty public servants and their prosecution under federal laws.

We seek public oversight of the judicial branch. We intend to hold corrupt public servants accountable for their crimes against the public interest. Expose how judicial corruption extends into your legislation. The Mosquito report (mosquitoreport@yahoo.com) outlines a tactic to unify all group efforts.

Our intention is to hold the Judges and Lawyers State Bar Members accountable for the systematic PTSD, Depression By Trauma (aka…Situational Depression), and Interference (Parental Alienation) tactics that abuse child-parent relationships. Note that once one parent has possession of the child, it is nearly impossible to lose custody unless the parent is deemed unfit.

cropped-contact-denial-is-child-abuse-2016.jpgVisitation Rights Interference

Interference with visitation (time sharing) rights is an ongoing problem for our courts. The court can give the parent make-up visitation (time sharing) for the time that they missed, fine the non-conforming parent, Order community service, as well as Order a change in the parenting plan.

ec4d6-mother2527s2bblocking2baccess2b-2b2016We seek legislation to end predatory practices of our Family Courts and contact-interfering parents.

Absent abuse, neglect, and or legitimate abandonment we seek a rebuttable presumption of Equal Shared Parenting.

Abuses of this type should also be defined by criminal codes that carry severe penalties similar to the “Parental Alienation” laws recently adopted in Mexico and Brazil.

A mere 17 percent of single parents with custodial rights are men. Society needs to recognize they are as valuable as their co-parent in the day-to-day upbringing of their children. Moreover, the legal culture forces single fathers to identify themselves as part-time parents whose main responsibility is to pay child support.Cover photo

Children have a right to have access to BOTH PARENTS.



kids-need-both-20166Children’s Needs Change

Father’s rights to visitation are affected by many common problems.

As children get older, their needs change. Parents change jobs and their ability to adhere to the visitation (time sharing) schedule changes. Oftentimes the visitation (time sharing) determination becomes impossible to follow, this can be do to changes in the schedule that are beyond your control. Children need consistency and most times these changes can be addressed amicably. Other times some parents demand that the court Ordered visitation be strictly adhered to. These issues need to be addressed immediately.


Legal Malpractice

We seek to prevent profit seeking legal professionals from stripping familial assets. To preserve the FAMILY because it is in the best interest of the children. No one can claim the attorneys and experts need FAMILY more than the children.

#StandupforZorayaHere is one example how lawyers omit the fact that false accusations of Domestic Violence is a tactic used by MOST lawyers to deny custody and access to children for parents, grand parents and loving family members. Lawyers, BAR Associations and judge’s Associations lobby against shared parenting in every State.

Legislative Support - 2016In most legislative bodies these collective groups of profiteers seek more regulations to force families to pay more and more to be in their children’s lives. At what point will lawyers be held accountable for legal malpractice? They are knowingly causing harm to children and families and creating a cycle of negative economic impact to all communities. Not for justice for their “personal profit”.America legal system failure 2016

Stop Stacking the Legal Deck Against Dads

With out a father - 2015We seek to expose traitors in our legislation that are attacking our Constitutional rights with United Nations Treaties. All legislators took an oath to protect our Constitution it is a act of treason to allow these rights to be taken. Contact Parentalrights.org to help defend your rights.

False Police Reports - 2016We seek to expose the abuses of public funding. These abuses promote false allegations of domestic violence to increase the needs for legal services. Activist Judges routinely grant protective orders to obtain public funding and remove children (deadbolt parent) from caring loving parents. Lawyers routinely neglect their responsibility to enforce the reporting of professional misconduct. We seek public oversight of our judicial branch to protect the public interest and maintain the integrity of our courts.


UNITE= safety in numbers

English: Parent - Child elements
Parent – Child elements (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

United we cannot be suppressed

HELP create public outcry!

RECRUIT= wake up the suppressed and general public

Create and use email lists

take legislative action.

Educate others to become activists!

English: Parent - Child elements
Parent – Child elements (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EDUCATE= share/cut and paste information and educate the public about the deceptions and corruption

Get media attention anyway you can.

Create public documents to help reduce legal fees.

Read your States Constitution and the Constitution of the United States

English: Parent - Child elements
Parent – Child elements (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION= Protest the courts and legislation

File Attorney grievances and or Judicial Grievances

votefamily - 2015Video tape the corruption Expose criminal acts of legislators, judges and lawyers.

File lawsuits against lawyers, judges, social workers for RICO violations.

File statement of charges directly with your Grand Jury for investigations against judicial members and associates.

zlc6Enforce the separation of power

“Vote Lawyers OUT!”

report ethics violations.

Get the video cameras out and organize protest to expose the corruption anyway you can.

United we can will hold the guilty accountable to silent victim’s families.

United we can protect our children and parents.  Contact Parentalrights.orgState of Florida Parental Rights

The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children is a fundamental right.

"The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children..." In the 1925 decision of Pierce v. Society of Sisters, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a compulsory attendance act that required all parents to send their students to public schools, instead of private or religious schools. The court concluded that the act was unconstitutional because it "unreasonably interferes with the liberty of parents and guardians to direct the upbringing and education of children under their control." "...is a fundamental right."
In the 1925 decision of Pierce v. Society of Sisters, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a compulsory attendance act that required all parents to send their students to public schools, instead of private or religious schools. The court concluded that the act was unconstitutional because it “unreasonably interferes with the liberty of parents and guardians to direct the upbringing and education of children under their control.”

United we can reduce suicides related to family law matters.

VAWA evil
VAWA evil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Demand military investigations into our judicial branch.

Try to do something every day to help expose the corruption.


Source: Stop Child Abuse for Profit · Causes

No One Is Above The Law - 2016

“There are subtle ways and overt ways of alienating a child from a parent, but either way it’s evil”
“There are subtle ways and overt ways of alienating a child from a parent, but either way it’s evil”

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