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Do you have any idea how devastating it feels when people (mom, her lawyer, bad judge), acting under the color of law, hold your children hostage while the huge railroad train called the judicial system runs you over? Then wondering every second of the day if your child is safe? 11202598_715464111891425_8334817659411911460_n

It is torture for those parents who CARE about their kids and I know MOST of you readers are caring, loving parents. I know because I have met them in the programs you shoved down my throat.

Bubbles of Love Day with Sherry Palmer of Fix Family Courts on the steps of the Sacramento State Capitol. Interview conducted by Sherry Palmer.

Criminals have more rights to their children than parents going through divorce. A man several years ago that burned his child has more custodial rights than fit fathers in divorce!

Are states authorized to punish parents without the same protections that criminals would get?

Alienated father speaks out on Sacramento State Capitol steps April 25, 2014 on Bubbles of Love Day

Did you think that if you hadn’t done anything wrong that there was no way you could lose your children?

Did they do everything they could to make you look as bad a person as possible?

Do people say you cannot stand up to the judge, you shouldn’t stand up to the judge, that it’s wrong to stand up to the judge?

Who are you to stand up to authority? Do they tell you to just accept them taking your children?

Do fit parents receive less protection to their rights to their children than criminals?

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Real Dads Embracing Non-ViolenceBubbles of Love Campaign - April 25 2015This fit father has been alienated from his children and has not seen them for over four years celebrates  Bubbles of Love Day

Do not re-elect bad family court judges - 2016

78b6a-judicialabuseStand Up For Zoraya

Zoraya please know that daddy, your brother, your grandparents, your cousins, aunts and uncles; your whole family loves you and misses you very much...
Zoraya please know that daddy, your brother, your grandparents, your cousins, aunts and uncles; your whole family loves you and misses you very much. / Stand Up For Zoraya

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Even in the Eastern Caribbean, where my mom is from, they are reforming family law!!

Call made for modern family legislationDominica News Online

Pereira wants more family legislation on the law books

Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Dame Janice Pereira has again called on OECS member states to put high on their agenda the introduction of modern family legislation in the law books.

Addressing the opening of the new Law Year last week she said she made a similar call last year, but apparently some member states have not heeded the call.

“Last year I called for the enactment in every member state of modern family law legislation which will provide a foundation for a family division of the court with a more responsive approach to matters relating to family,” she noted. “Some states have heeded the call while others, it has been given less priority.”

Notwithstanding, Pereira said she is making the call again.

“I therefore take this opportunity to renew my call to other member states and territories which have not yet done so to place the family law reform legislation as a priority item on their legislative agenda,” she noted. “The men, women and children of our states deserve it.”

She pointed out that member states can construct edifices to attract tourist and other forms of investment, “but if our very social fabric is broken, then all will inevitably come to naught.”

Pereira pointed out that she is pleased that a Family Division Pilot project in Antigua and Barbuda has gained impetus.

She noted that an entire suite of the Modern Family Law Bill is being finalized on that island and is expected to go before parliament before the end of this year. She added that much progress has also been made in the drafting and review of rules which will govern the practice and procedure in family matters and wide consultation is expected on these rules over the next few months in an effort to have them finalized and adopted in this new Law Year.

Pereira said work is also expected to continue with the major stakeholders to address the policy related issues pertinent to the establishment of the family division project.

“This remains a high priority on the court’s agenda,” she pointed out.

Source: Call made for modern family legislation – Dominica News Online

The petition: "Florida Judge Bertila Soto STOP Denial of Reasonable Parent/Child Contact - Stand Up For Zoraya"
The petition: “Florida Judge Bertila Soto STOP Denial of Reasonable Parent/Child Contact – Stand Up For Zoraya” 

A rose by any other name … | the alienation experience

December 24 letter from Greenberg - Nixa Rose
“Changing a child last name (away from the father’s) is an act of venom”

A rose by any other name … | the alienation experience… would smell as sweet?!

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 14.45.20
From van Lawick & Visser’s paper on their ‘No kids in the middle’ project.

Alienation is more prickly than sweet! …

There are lots of reasons why we need a name for the pattern commonly called Parental Alienation.

Some people do great work with Alienated children and families but without using that label. So you won’t find their good work by Googling ‘Alienation’.

We want to feature two important papers on Alienation by another name. They go under our radar because they don’t use our word for it.

CONTACT DENIAL IS CHILD ABUSE - STAND UP FOR ZORAYA - 2016First though, there is already a very well known different name for Alienation … under which some very well known work with Alienated families has been described. Richard Warshak gives us his striking informal alternative name: Divorce Poison. It’s certainly been good at getting attention in the market place.

Why don’t we use that term more? Well, ‘divorce’ doesn’t include other family separation. Maybe Warshak’s is a more neutral description of general misery for the whole family?

But divorce poison – like Parental Alienation too – may picture one person doing the poisoning of someone else. So both terms carry the victim / blame picture. Poisoning sounds very medical, but otherwise ‘divorce poison’ doesn’t sound scientific enough to be taken seriously, does it? No label can convey both the one-sided-ness, as well as the subtler complexity of the pattern.


Incidentally, this victim / blame thing is why many professionals don’t like any of these terms. Maybe we should categorise PA / Divorce Poison along with other Child Abuses which are very widely accepted … despite the term Child Abuse meaning that there is a victim and perpetrating to sort out. It is widely recognised that PA is emotional abuse of the children … if you need any proof, just look up at that 7-year old’s drawing. The implied perpetrator in PA though would need to not be just one culpable individual, not even both parents. The perpetrator in PA is a more collective adult system – a collective culpability that includes legal and other professional and social agencies too. Read the van Lawick & Visser paper for how the wider social system can actually be involved in making things better.

Anyway, here’s the less well-known papers you might miss without our familiar tag on them.

David Pitcher: ‘Do you see what I see?’

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WHO GAVE YOU THIS POWER?! – thefitparentsrights

I have a real problem with Justice Antonin Scalia– as should every fit parent in America-telling a group of first year law students, that he- or any other justice for that matter-actually has the power to decide when and if a fundamental liberty interest will come to an end. All I want to know is, WHO GAVE THESE JUSTICES THIS POWER?

The “liberty” of the parent was defined in  Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399 (1923) as having the right to establish a home [for] and direct the upbringing of one’s children. This interpretation, eons before he planted a single butt-cheek on his panel seat, was based on the “concept of ordered liberty”-Washington v. Glucksberg, 117 S.Ct. 2258, 2268, 521 U.S. 702, 720-21 (U.S.Wash.,1997)- as in a right so valued by the PEOPLE, that without it, “NEITHER LIBERTY NOR JUSTICE WOULD EXIST“.

I don’t remember getting a survey in the mail or a phone call from Justice Scalia, asking me whether or not I still regarded my right as a natural, fit parent to raise and nurture my own children, as fundamental. Did he consult with any of you?

Where does this Court get the notion, that while collecting the the People’s tax dollars- whom contrary to what they might believe, they actually work for-  that it can make arbitrary decisions, repugnant to what the People regard as essential, to sustain ordered liberty and justice, or to the precedent that thoroughly commands the process due to a parent, before a state may infringe his or her fundamental liberty interest? Every fit parent in America should be highly concerned.

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Source: WHO GAVE YOU THIS POWER?! – thefitparentsrights

When your child is kidnapped…

…you will experience extreme depression and more!!

This aggression seems to know no moral borders or boundaries.

In America children and parents are ripped apart and are in suffering over money, power, control and hate. Dysfunctional Family Courts 2 - 2015Children, courts, DCSE and lies are the weapons used of battles ex-spouses every where. Its a social disease put by the dreaded “alienation.” There are logical solutions and cures but “machines of destruction” wont let them implemented. 

Identifying the population size of current victims, and social services community, and roles results, initiatives involved with Parental Alienation. Steps to slaying the demon, to ending Alienation. From a personal level to an effective concept we hope this video inspires an organizational confidence in the enormous community of targeted parents and extended family.

PARENTAL ALIENATION carries pretty much the same symptoms as kidnapping does… except maybe worse- this kidnapper hates the other parent. They are often jealous of the parents’ latter successes. For whatever their reasons they are using children to destroy, and the first and primary destruction is Daddy (in some cases Mommy). 

We need Super Dad!

Need to be jailed like criminals - 2015
Doc says, “Need criminal courts to prosecute alienators!” The parental alienation epidemic is out of control. it is destroying families by the millions! We need tax payer funded criminal courts to recognize and prosecute this terrible crime against the civil rights of children and parents everywhere. This could possibly stop the outbreak of family destruction. #parentalalienation #kidnapping #childabuse

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Truth is in a man’s actions, not in someone else’s blind accusations

Truth is in a man’s actions, not in someone else’s blind accusations  l  brainsyntax

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Family Law Court caused Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the child’s unjustified campaign of denigration against a parent

Check out an existing brainsyntax member page and alienated family law victims:

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5 Signs Your Ex is Turning Your Child Against You

Has your loving and affectionate child suddenly become unrecognisable to you? Does your child make you feel like you are the worst parent in the world? If so, your former spouse may be turning your child against you. Is your ex manipulating and pressuring your kid to reject you? read more here

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