When truth is buried underground it grows.

When truth is buried underground it grows, it chokes, it gathers such an explosive force. Than on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything with it.

Stand up for Zoraya is about her Dad‘s 8-YEAR fight to stay in her life. Nixa Maria Rose (Zoraya’s Mom) is causing severe emotional/mental child abuse to Zoraya.

missing-years-of-my-daughter-life-by-parental-alienation-2016Need an example?

Last year on Zoraya’s birthday Doreen Bailey (Dad’s long-time girlfriend) went to the school (“after school”) to take Zoraya a present from her Dad. The present was a large photo of Dad and Brother. When Doreen approached Nixa and Zoraya in the parking lot Nixa began screaming at her (yes they know each other). Doreen asked Nixa if she could give Zoraya the present and Nixa said no!! Doreen left and told Dad who then called the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) only to be let down again when they told him it was a custody battle issue. 


If you know the story then you know that Dad NEVER sought custody. For the whole story read the article Family Court‘s Reckless Disregard ~~~~~~~~~~> HERE
This article will illustrate that certain individuals (to be named) that Dad sought assistance from are actually complicit in the Parental Alienation/Stockholm Syndrome of Zoraya despite the desperate pleas of her Dad and paternal family. 
We will begin with our opinions of the doctors and therapist that said they were going to help but DID NOT. We’re declaring they failed to report child abuse while under mandated reporting obligation.Stop Family Court Crimes - 2016From the most recent: Martha (FMLT) and Dr. Camps-Romero of the Florida International University Medical School. Dad was referred to them (indirectly) through his Primary Physician, Professor (@FIU Med Sch) Dr. Cheryl L. Holder.
To when this Family Court Case began: Dr. Arnold  “The Butcher Quack” Carter and Dr. Vigil.



via Children’s Rights: When truth is buried underground it grows.

“Changing a child last name (away from the father’s) is an act of venom”
“Changing a child last name (away from the father’s) is an act of venom”

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Hi Bio-Mom

I see you have found our little club here and you’ve decided to troll around for a bit. I first would like to say “welcome” on behalf of the men and women who suffer daily inside and outside these pages. We are glad you are here. 
Feel free to take your time and peruse the stories of men and women who have lost everything. Take in the agony and the pain, read the horror stories of men who haven’t seen their children in 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years. You will notice that all the stories share a familiar tone. The pain is real. The disbelief is palpable. 
The constant barrage of men ready to give up is unfortunately true. They may give up and stop fighting vindictive exes for their children and just move on, only to be later called a deadbeat loser from the same woman that deprived him of his children. They may give up and eat a bullet, jump from a bridge or tie a noose around their neck and say their final goodbye. You win, they lose. 
You are now an accessory to murder.  Stick around and look at the pictures of the children that are left behind. These are the other victims. The victims without a voice in all of this. Had they had a choice they would almost always choose to have a loving caring father by their side. You deprive them of that. Not only do you assist in the murdering of fathers, but you’re also a child abuser.   


Be sure to keep coming back to our little club here. Make jokes about how we are all domestic abusers who feel we have some ghastly privilege of fathering our children. Keep your kids close to you, be sure you cash that child support check and keep the children from Daddy if he misses a payment. It’s only a fair punishment for him.
Make him suffer.
Make him hurt so bad he stays awake at night crying because he misses his kids so badly.
Make him out to be the deadbeat you just know he is.
Make his feel the depths of depression and despair by keeping his kids from him.
Threaten to have him arrested and thrown in jail for inability to pay child support.
You’re cruising now bio-mom. You show them who is boss. Don’t allow him to talk to his kids on the phone.
Don’t allow him to have one extra minute of “visitation”.
Marginalize him and make him feel what a scumbag he truly is.
Don’t tell him of your children’s accomplishment or how they are doing in school.
Keep any and all medical records from him.
Keep him guessing who is with his children and where they are living.
Keep doing what you are doing bio-mom.

Now we all know who the boss is.
It was never the judges or lawyers who caused all this. It was you.
Now look down at your children and realize everything you have done to your ex has also been done to them. See, you are a child abuser after all.

Sleep tight

By Joe Makem – Post by The Fathers’ Rights Movementbroken-fathers-20152


I was that child – a true poem written from my heart – this was me

I was that child, that was ignored as a child in severe pain,
I was that child, that was used by others for their own sick gain,
I was that child, that can never be classed as ‘normal’ ever again

I was that child that was taken rightly, but ignored by the system,
I was that child, that was further abused and carers never listened,
I was that child, that only in her sleep could i feel her future glisten

I was that child, that was tortured, mocked, put down by others
I was that child, that was targeted by many before I became a mother
I was that child, that felt pain beyond compare and made to suffer

I was that child, that decided to live and survive and then and there
I was that child, that cried and begged for help when all just stared
I was that child, that was mocked and bullied at school, that my parents and nobody would care

Now as a that child, I am a mother and fighter deep within
Now as that mother, I will fight for my children and ensure they win
Now as that mother, I was a victim, but now I am a survivor again

Now as a human, I have the will to change the system for all other children and survivors like me
Now as a human, all innocent children and parents should be happy and free
Now as a human, my fight will never die or cease whilst I breath

Cos now the system has lit the fire of survival and truth in me – and I want others to see and now listen
My life or pain can not be taken away – but if I help protect one child, one adult – that will make my day!

There are innocent children, being abused right now in care
These innocent children, begging for help from us, please come and lets share…..please for them, dont just stand and stare


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