Working on the Logistics of Fundamental U.S. Legal System Reform on a Grassroots Basis.

Attorney Zena Crenshaw-Logal*, Executive Director of NFOJA’s corporate sponsor and a NFOJA Co-Administrator, addressed what was described as the “Myth of America’s Unaccountable Judiciary” during the first half of Progress In The World, an internet radio broadcast hosted by Walter Davis of Marketing Strategies of California.  To listen and join the related NFOJA discussion~~~>


Gone viral is the video of a Family Court judge in Florida, tongue- lashing a woman described as a domestic violence victim.Judicial Accountability

NFOJA (National Forum On Judicial Accountability) reached out for a comment on the clip by Dr. Jill Jones-Soderman who recently joined the board of directors for NFOJA’s nonprofit corporate sponsor known as THE LAW PROJECT @www.njcdlp.org

As Founder and Executive Director of Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts, Dr. Jones-Soderman is no stranger to family courts across America. Here is her comment:

“Judge Gerri Collins has reached a new nadir, if that is possible, in a division of the court system widely known for depraved indifference to human life, in the course of their daily practice. The level of pompous grandiosity assumed by family court judges when associating with a perceived slight to their authority reaches a level of diagnosable clinical delusion disorder.”

Jill Jones-Soderman
Executive Director – FCVFC 

View the videoNo One Is Above The Law - 2016

National Forum On Judicial Accountability

JUDICIAL ACCOUNTABILITY ADVOCATES: Meetings are proceeding well between constituents and U.S. Representatives as part of the Opt IN USA campaign. Participants are reporting that congressional staffers seem quite interested in their concerns.

We are making clear that the problem of unchecked judicial misconduct in America has become a constitutional and international human rights crisis.

We need as many people as possible to deliver the Opt IN USA Congressional Information Package to the closest district office of their U.S. Representatives we have yet to reach.

As to the members of Congress who have received our material, we need fellow constituents to join their Opt IN USA ambassador in:

1. a follow-up letter requesting an update from the member of Congress who was visited;

2. at least two (2) online meetings to compile known evidence of judicial misconduct in their state;

3. an investigation request to the judiciary committee of their state legislature and the U.S. Attorney for their district in anticipation of being part of a national investigation request to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee; and

4. an Opt IN USA support request to your U.S. Senator(s).

**To learn more and arrange to be part of our district office meetings, please visit Opt IN USA @www.thethirddegree.net

**To be part of follow-up for these states and districts, please Contact Us via www.thethirddegree.net

> Alabama (5th Dist. – Rep. Mo Brooks);
> Indiana (1st Dist. – Rep. Pete Visclosky);
> New Mexico (2nd Dist. – Rep. Steve Pearce);
> New York –
(14th Dist. – Rep. Joseph Crowsley)
(17th Dist. – Rep. Nita Lowey)
(18th Dist. – Rep. Sean Maloney)
> Ohio (6th Dist. – Rep. Bill Johnson)
> Pennsylvania (13th Dist. – Rep. Brendan Boyle);
> Tennessee (1st Dist. – Rep. Phil Roe);
> Texas (24th Dist. – Rep. Kenny Marchant)
> Virginia (7th Dist. – Rep. Dave Brat)

Thank you!

Opt IN USA Campaign Coordinators

‪#‎RESISTtheCatch22‬ Learn more and become part of Opt IN USA by visiting www.thethirddegree.net Contact Us Today!


Stop Family Court Corruption - 2016Here’s how we fix corruption in America

This plan to fix corruption looks like it could work.

A message from our comrades @ Opt IN USA,http://facebook.com/Opt.IN.USA
. . .  The attached video helps establish the need that many Americans have for UN intervention to redress judicial misconduct and entrenched U.S. legal system abuse. As you may know, Opt IN USA is a grassroots campaign to address national patterns of judicial misconduct and U.S. legal system abuse as international human rights and anti-torture treaty violations. The referenced patterns are dubbed The Third Degree (TTD) which is unchecked judicial misconduct; a total failure of U.S. judicial system oversight for countless Americans.

Stand Up For Zoraya hopes to shed light on and reform an antiquated loopholes in our Legal Adversarial system in Family Law that degrades a father’s role.
Stand Up For Zoraya hopes to shed light on and reform an antiquated loopholes in our Legal Adversarial system in Family Law that degrades a father’s role.

It is the persistent failure of U.S. government and political systems to curb TTD that justifies UN intervention. The U.S. foreign policy reform aspect of Opt IN USA is necessary because Americans are not authorized to seek UN intervention when their government officials violate key human rights and anti-torture treaties in the U.S. Per the attached video, grassroots public interest lobbying to lift that enforcement restriction is likely futile. But Congress depends on us skipping or abandoning the effort in anticipation of its futility, BEFORE a reasonably clear record is made that it doesn’t and won’t work.

We quit, and Congress does likewise, courtesy of our frustration. We don’t ask, or we don’t persist with a reasonable degree of follow-up on our initial outreach, which keeps our concerns from becoming perceivable political issues.

Purple Keyboard Campaign 4 Family Justice Law Reform - 2015

RISE from the ashes of injustice like a Phoenix!

Please take our campaign image and “like” it, childrens-rights-facebook-group-15000-members-may-8-2015share it, and comment on it until our reform movement TAKES FLIGHT ON FACEBOOK and across America.


Our challenge is The Third Degree (TTD), a national pattern of persecution and torture imposed through abuse of U.S. legal systems. Targets of TTD are invariably:

1. disparaged and discredited through legal process;

2. intimidated for their activism through violence and/or threats of violence;

3. denied the equal protection of law and corresponding access to courts;

4. impoverished through questionable job losses, unwarranted black listings, the questionable imposition or denial of fines, sanctions, and/or damages awards;

5. and they may be incarcerated under questionable circumstances.

A concept very similar to TTD is selective prosecution. The difference is that with TTD, judges are among the deliberate perpetrators; those persecuting and/or torturing Americans through U.S. legal system abuse.

Since 1976 the U.S. has been a party to one or more international treaties pursuant to which the country pledges to provide its citizens effective avenues for relief from human rights atrocities. For 2 decades or more, targets of entrenched U.S. legal system abuse and unchecked judicial misconduct have been speaking the truth of their turmoils to powers in America that are apparently DEAF. On June 1, 2015 the co-founders of NFOJA’s nonprofit corporate sponsor presented the problem to the U.N. Human Rights Committee (HRC) as international treaty violations. But they soon learned that the HRC can do nothing as America does not allow its citizens to enforce the country’s key human rights and anti-torture treaties.

Help change U.S. foreign policy and press for domestic investigations of TTD through Opt IN USA. We need as many people as possible to deliver congressional information packages to the district offices of their U.S. Representatives. NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are leading outreach to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and will soon reach out to other U.S. and international agencies and leaders.participate_in_ccw_action2


Learn more and join our efforts by visiting Opt IN USA at www.thethirddegree.net

Thank you,
/s/ Opt IN USA Coordinators

Florida Child Support System Cyber Protest - 2016While all NFOJA (National Forum On Judicial Accountability) members and supporters are pro-judicial accountability, the organization remains challenged to arouse clamor for a particular brand of judicial accountability. It entails more than increasing the instances in which U.S. state and federal judges are appropriately disciplined, removed from office, impeached, and/or criminally prosecuted. After all, purging America’s judicial systems of unethical and otherwise disabled jurists is only one aspect of ensuring the country’s fair and impartial administration of justice.

A KEY CONSIDERATION: Partial or biased judicial oversight (as in bias or partiality attendant to a limited perspective or deliberate misconduct) hardly ensures a fair and impartial administration of justice.

It is the exclusive task of America’s third branch of government to administer what is conceived to be justice through the country’s duly enacted legislation and sound common law. Anything is an intolerable threat to judicial independence that pressures U.S. state and/or federal judges in making related decisions to venture beyond learned principles, procedure, and substantive law derived from the U.S. Constitution. However, the question of whether in the course of duty they or any one of them complied with applicable ethical codes is not and should not be a matter reserved for government agents, legal professionals, and/or their appointees. Regardless of their personal integrity, the members of these particular groups supply a limited perspective and are inherently conflicted in considering the proper operation of America’s judiciary.

NFOJA endorses a variety of lawful ways to increase direct citizen oversight with regard to the U.S. state and federal judiciary. But NFOJA’s primary goal is to shift America away from state judicial self-policing to more direct citizen oversight via the organization’s proposed “Citizens Panel On Judicial Misconduct Act”. The proposal passes constitutional muster and affords balance through provisions for random citizen selection, panel term limits, panelist training, and appropriate panel autonomy.


Learn more and help make it happen!

Visit http://50states.ning.com/Evidence - 2016

Judge Manno Schurr Brings Nursing Background to Courtroom

Judge Manno-Schurr - 11th Jud Cir Miami FL - Family Court

Judge Valerie R. Manno Schurr, 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Valerie Manno Schurr had been a nurse for a dozen years when she passed the Florida Bar exam. She kept working in the operating room.

“One day we had a new surgeon come in, and they said, ‘You know there’s a lawyer in the room. You better be careful,’ ” she said. After the operation, “the head nurse came to me and said, ‘You know you made that guy very nervous. He didn’t like that there was a lawyer in the room.’ ”

The Miami Beach native pursued nursing right after graduating from North Miami High School, urged on by her sister, who was already a nurse.judge-you-failed-crblog20165

“I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, and she said, ‘Why don’t you go to nursing school? It’s a great job. You’re going to love it.’ ” Manno Schurr recalled. “And I did. I really did. Nursing is a wonderful, wonderful profession.”

She started in oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital.

It was emotionally trying. Her mother died of breast cancer at 37 when Manno Schurr was 5. Caring for cancer patients took its toll.

“You’re just trying to prolong their lives,” she said. “I wanted to take care of a patient, get them better and never see them again. These people kept coming back and coming back. They come in. They get diagnosed. You give them chemo, and they would get worse and worse and worse.”

Even though some were cured, she said the work was still painful for her. After two years, she got reassigned to the intensive care unit, then the recovery room. “Then I got cross-trained to work in the operating room,” Manno Schurr said.Tell Your Story - Blog 2015contact-denial-is-child-abuse-stand-up-for-zoraya-20161

David Inguanzo-Petitioner-2008-029595 – Jul 10, 2015

Judge Manno-Schurr is my 8 year-old Paternity – Family Court Case Presiding Judge. The 5th Judge to preside over my simple case; an unwed biological father seeking to maintain contact with his daughter Zoraya (Google and Judge Manno-Schurr is enabling Child Abuse via Parental Alienation.

On March 25th, 2015, in a special set hearing at the Family Courthouse, Judge Manno-Schurr interrupted my testimony while on the witness stand to notate the court reporter‘s record saying…

Judge Manno-Schurr:  “the father (me) is turning red in the face, yelling at me, and pointing his finger at me”

Stuart Abramson (for Petitioner), objected noting the record:  “the father has been diagnosed with PTSD your honor”.

Judge Manno-Schurr (this is why you should rethink this article) said:  “Mr. Inguanzo were you in the military?”


How about that for a Registered Nurse!!!

Mother's Blocking Access - 2016

Read moreSpeak Out - 2016

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