Protest Florida Child Support System – Support or Extortion?


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Family courts all across the nation are violating basic natural and constitutional rights of “non-custodial” parents by:

  • Stripping them of their already existing equal rights to their child, without proper due process, without alleging unfitness, and without finding them unfit with clear and convincing evidence; 
  • Creating a second class parent that does not have the same or equal rights to their child that the “custodial parent” maintains; 
  • Illegally seizing their property via a child support order that is incentivized by Title IV-D of the Social Security Act; 
  • Violating the non-custodians right and the child’s right to freedom of association;….

Just to name a few. 

These archaic laws are the reason that our society has become a culture of Fatherlessness. These laws are to blame for the downfall of our society.

Protest Florida Child Support System – Support or Extortion?