How Parental Alienation Manifests in School Settings



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This is Parental AlienationHow Parental Alienation 

Manifests in a School or Educational Setting | Family Court Injustice

Broward County Public School conspires with Judge Manno-Schurr to enable Parental Alienation, a severe form of child abuse.
Broward County Public School conspires with Judge Manno-Schurr to enable Parental Alienation, a severe form of child abuse.

Those who perpetrate alienation not only manipulate the child but often manipulate other people, even professionals, in their war against the targeted parent. This commonly happens as “triangulation” – when one parent (usually the abuser or alienator) uses a third party, like a teacher or school principal, to play against the other parent.

“Changing a child last name (away from the father’s) is an act of venom”

“Changing a child last name (away from the father’s) is an act of venom”




Parental alienation has various definitions but in a nutshell is when one parent works to damage a child’s relationship with the other parent (known as the “targeted parent”). As a result of alienation, child who previously had a close, loving, healthy (not abusive) relationship with the “targeted parent” then becomes estranged, hostile or rejects that parent. Many consider alienation a form of child abuse. The alienator may also elicit others—like educators—to similarly hate, reject or become hostile toward the other parent.

When alienation occurs in the school setting, the results are devastating: usually there is breakdown in communication between one parent and the educators (who have taken the side of the alienating parent, and may view the “targeted” parent in a negative light). The school may consciously or unconsciously reinforce the power and control tactics of the alienator, and sometimes the educators will even become personally involved in family court or custody litigation.
This is Zoraya’s Family

There are cases where an educator has become so aligned with one parent that they will give that parent a favorable impression to the court while becoming hostile towards the “targeted parent”; finding fault, blaming and criticizing that parent, even in areas that have nothing to do with the child’s education.

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Please stop the unfair punishment of good fathers.

Please stop the unfair punishment of good fathers. We need child support reform now! | Petition2Congress

Sen. Marco Rubio (R FL)

Sen. Marco Rubio (R FL)


March 12, 2016

Dear President Obama:
Dear Representative Diaz-Balart:
Dear Senator Nelson:
Dear Senator Rubio:
Dear Governor Scott:


I am a divorced FIT Father of a boy (from marriage) and a girl (unwed DNA proven bio-dad).

I have no problem paying child support as proven by my payment records.

That is until the Miami-Dade County 11th Judicial Circuit Family Court destroyed my life, and caused negligent infliction of severe emotional distress which has caused a “medically documented” injury by a Complex Sub-category of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In a nutshell I fear the Family Court. Additionally, I am the victim of medical malpractice by Psychiatrist Dr. Carter who has a case pending against him by the Florida Department of Health.

Reluctantly I filed for disability in 2010 and still have not prevailed despite the work of Social Security Advocates Binder and Binder. I had to filed bankruptcy in 2010; but that is typical (and statistically proven by the movie Divorce Corp released in Jan 2014) of anyone that has to fight in America’s Family Courts.

Answer this simple question:

Why does the Broward County FL 17th Judicial Circuit Family Court have absolutely no concern (nor does his mom), since 2002 to today, to be in my son’s life with joint custody?

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