Even in the Eastern Caribbean, where my mom is from, they are reforming family law!!

Call made for modern family legislationDominica News Online

Pereira wants more family legislation on the law books

Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Dame Janice Pereira has again called on OECS member states to put high on their agenda the introduction of modern family legislation in the law books.

Addressing the opening of the new Law Year last week she said she made a similar call last year, but apparently some member states have not heeded the call.

“Last year I called for the enactment in every member state of modern family law legislation which will provide a foundation for a family division of the court with a more responsive approach to matters relating to family,” she noted. “Some states have heeded the call while others, it has been given less priority.”

Notwithstanding, Pereira said she is making the call again.

“I therefore take this opportunity to renew my call to other member states and territories which have not yet done so to place the family law reform legislation as a priority item on their legislative agenda,” she noted. “The men, women and children of our states deserve it.”

She pointed out that member states can construct edifices to attract tourist and other forms of investment, “but if our very social fabric is broken, then all will inevitably come to naught.”

Pereira pointed out that she is pleased that a Family Division Pilot project in Antigua and Barbuda has gained impetus.

She noted that an entire suite of the Modern Family Law Bill is being finalized on that island and is expected to go before parliament before the end of this year. She added that much progress has also been made in the drafting and review of rules which will govern the practice and procedure in family matters and wide consultation is expected on these rules over the next few months in an effort to have them finalized and adopted in this new Law Year.

Pereira said work is also expected to continue with the major stakeholders to address the policy related issues pertinent to the establishment of the family division project.

“This remains a high priority on the court’s agenda,” she pointed out.

Source: Call made for modern family legislation – Dominica News Online

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The petition: “Florida Judge Bertila Soto STOP Denial of Reasonable Parent/Child Contact – Stand Up For Zoraya” 

When the family court dysfunction further adds to the litigant’s burden


Whatever the court setting, whether it is regarding divorce, child custody, parental support, probate matters, personal injury, property disputes, legal or medical malpractice, criminal charges, or other deeply personal issues, the frauds put forth in our courts add greatly to the trauma.

When litigants are unable to get fair resolution to their issues, when the court dysfunction further adds to the litigant’s burden, when no amount of actual case law compels an equitable outcome, litigants suffer often disabling levels of stress. When further attempts to achieve redress fail, litigants display the hallmark signs of Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS).

Children’s Rights and Family Law Reform

*The concept of Legal Abuse Syndrome was brought to the attention of this writer by investigative journalist Michael Volpe, who’s completing a book on the life and suicide of ones of its victims. The book’s pre-publication title is Bullied to Death: The Chris Mackney Story. (Dr. Huffer, incidentally, invites reports of cases like this one on her website’s Contact page.)

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I support the “Open Letter to Barack Obama” found on the Internet at  as published by Leon Koziol, J.D. on May 11, 2011.

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