“Reckless Disregard” A True And Compelling Story About One Father’s Fight


Stand Up For ZorayaWhen Zoraya asks the question - 2015A True And Compelling Story About One Father’s Fight.

The “Divorce and Domestic Violence INDUSTRY” is out of control and is literally ruining the lives of millions of parents and children daily. Buckle your seat belts because what you are about to learn is a bit unbelievable.
To eliminate this problem both parents MUST have equal custody rights in EVERY divorce by default, unless there is real proof of harm to a child in front of a jury! The divorce system has become nothing but a cash cow and power machine for lawyer$, judge$ and other government bureaucrats.
The impact
This system hurts families and children every day for its own convenience and profit totally ignoring the fundamental rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It is an ILLEGAL kangaroo court. These people have lost touch with “We the people . .”
Fathers and Family Courts - 2015
Family courts today are not a solution for divorcing parents, but a hindrance to the process and very harmful to children and families. Most state family courts operate unconstitutionally, without regard to the highest laws of the land by ignoring supreme court rulings, case law and the many fundamental guarantees of the U.S. and state constitution.
Calling them “kangaroo courts” would be too generous as kangaroo courts go through the motions to pretend there is justice and due process – family courts often issue “judgments” without a trial or even an evidentiary hearing, as required by the U.S. Supreme Court to even limit parental rights.
Judges generate “temporary orders” that almost always become permanent to lull you into the belief there will be “real due process” later. There is not any. Most often orders are 100% based on your personal plumbing, not anything that is appropriate given the best interests of children, which we know is almost always near equal time with both parents. Even fathers that are primary caregivers, or spend equal time parenting are generally forced out of their children’s lives. In many states, like Massachusetts, there is an order for sole physical custody over 90% of the time! This has been proven by science to be the worst possible scenario for children.

This type of behavior by the courts is by definition tyranny.

Abuse of the people by the court system is why many left England for America. History is repeating itself. The courts are hurting families for the financial gain of states, lawyers, judges and a spiraling government bureaucracy. Basically it is run for the “insiders” not for the benefits of citizens and families  Today men are treated like criminals in these courts, and not even believed, so that the judge can do whatever they want. You are guilty until proven innocent as a man, and innocent until proven guilty as a woman.

This is illegal and in fact an act of treason by judges because they are intentionally ignoring the law.

Christopher Pearsall’s insight:
I think the problem is that they have named it wrong.  All this time they are trying to get it set up as a psychological diagnosis for the child.  For the longest time I thought it was applicable to the alienated parent.  Now I have a different take on it.  Think about it.  Perhaps it should be called Systematic Parental Alienation and iit should be more of a phenomenon rather than any kind of diagnosis.  Yet shouldn’t it relate to the parent who is causing the alienation since that person is the source of the problem.
Don’t we try to attack a problem at it’s source?
How much could we accomplish by addressing parental re-patriation between the alienated parent and the child who has been affected if the child continues to remain with the parent who continues to practice an on going practice of systematize parental alienation on the child and typically against the non-custodial parent.
There are so many takes on this subject that it needs to be addressed.  No matter how you look at it, it is a problem, it is a destroyer of families and of relationships between parents and children and it is problem created almost always by a custodial parent with issues of their own.
What are your thoughts?
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