One is True – The Other is False

One is True – The Other is False

Parental Alienation

~ Dr Craig Childress


This is the standard mental health response to all forms of child abuse.  This is the standard mental health response to physical child abuse.  This is the standard mental health response to sexual child abuse.  This is the standard mental health response to psychological child abuse.  Diagnosis guides treatment.

Pathogenic parenting that is creating significant developmental pathology in the child (diagnostic indicator 1), personality disorder pathology in the child (diagnostic indicator 2), and delusional-psychiatric pathology in the child (diagnostic indicator 3) in order to meet the emotional and psychological needs of the parent represents a DSM-5 diagnosis of V995.51 Child Psychological Abuse, Confirmed.

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An attachment-based model of “parental alienation” (AB-PA) provides an immediate solution to “parental alienation” right now, today.  Diagnosis guides treatment.

So why are any “parental alienation” experts still holding on to the false and failed Gardnerian PAS model for the pathology?  Beats me.

There is no scientifically or rationally based reason to hold on to the failed and false Gardnerian PAS model for the pathology.  It makes no sense whatsoever.

You will know which model the mental health professional is using by the diagnostic indicators they use to define the pathology; the eight diagnostic indicators of Gardnerian PAS, or the three diagnostic indicators of attachment-based “parental alienation” (AB-PA)

So let me propose this challenge to any “parental alienation” expert who still uses the eight Gardnerian symptoms to define the pathology:

I propose that we have an online debate regarding the respective models.  We can jointly set up a WordPress blog and each of us can then post our opening position.  We can then take turns posting blogs and commenting on the other’s blog posts, creating a documented record of the discussion.

My position is that the continued use of the Gardnerian PAS model delays the solution to “parental alienation,” and that the sooner we stop using the Gardnerian PAS model and the sooner we switch to an attachment-based model (AB-PA), the sooner we will have the solution; as soon as today, right this instant.

My position is that we need to put a bullet in the brain of Gardnerian PAS because Gardnerian PAS needs to die as an active definition of the pathology. 

Disagree?  Let’s debate.  WordPress.  I’m ready.  This is an open challenge to any “parental alienation” expert who is continuing to use the Gardnerian PAS model.  Email me with the heading – “Debate Challenge Accepted” – and we can set up the joint WordPress blog.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

via One is True – The Other is False – Dr Craig Childress: Attachment-Based “Parental Alienation”

Over the years I have been most inspired by the work of Omar and David Inguanzo from their group Children’s Rights and would call o all like mined folk to join us and make the break through 3000th member by this Easter!

I am also honoured to be regarded as a cause leader within the group.purple keyboard - A

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.
“A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” ~ MLK Jr.

Along with other campaigners such as Donald Tenn, David Carlin, Anthony Lemons, Second Class and many more who know the massive challenges that still lie ahead through out the USA. Here in the UK there seems a modest groundswell towards reform and feel I would like to see this hope extended to other associated fighting for justice in Family Courts and reforming child welfare organisations to start acting as they are expected to !

Along with everyone throughout the USA I would call on those in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Greece…….and beyond to use this group as an umbrella organisation to promote our causes generate information not only among ourselves but that can be lobbied through the media , local and national press and radio ,and onto our reluctant political masters!
I am Half of You - 2016

Fighting to preserve Parent–Child relationships to improve the lives of children and strengthen society by protecting the child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation/divorce… See More

CHILDREN'S RIGHTS - CAUSES - MAIN - 2015Children’s Rights –

Which presidential candidate is best for dads?

Few social policies seem to do as much universal good as paid paternity leave: Study after study has shown that when a father plays an active role in a child’s early years, he or she will end up healthier, achieve greater academic success, and even make more…Read More

Fatherlessness is associated with almost every societal ill facing our country’s children.

An estimated 24.7 million children (33%) live absent their biological father. We asked Democratic and Republican Primary Candidates ~ How can you address the fatherlessness epidemic? ~ Of students in grades 1 through 12, 39 percent (17.7 million) live in…Read More

Children are being ripped from the arms of fit and loving parents by Family Courts!

The Family Court System in our country is failing our children at an alarming rate, children are being ripped from the arms of fit and loving parents every minute of every day, all to fill the pockets of the “system!” Judicial Kidnapping is rapid, CPS has…Read More

Children Deserve Two Parents.

Divorce should not alienate children from either parent, absent proven legitimate abuse. Children with involved parents do better in school, less likely to get into trouble. Being a single parent is difficult work, 2 parents allow for both parents time…Read More

Someday Family Court Systems will be free of gender bias and free of the financial corruption inherent in Title IV-D

Bias and abuse of discretion cannot be tolerated when it comes to the “Best Interest” of our children. More eyes are needed on the Judges to ensure they are doing the work of the Court, any nothing more. Reform is needed on many levels, especially in the…Read More

The Family Court System is failing to protect our children.

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Why do we remove fit parents from the lives of children every day? Is it because the Courts have remained stuck in outmoded thoughts or is it because we have a current system of law that punishes fit parents for no wrong doing? A single question that has…Read More

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