A Non-Adversarial Divorce

Interview: Leon Koziol – Child Custody
Adopt Uniform Parental Plans - Lrg Pic - 2015Children should automatically be given access to both parents every week of the year if a parent refuses the cops show up and take the kid to the other parents house if they showed up once the trying to stop visitation will end. Kids should spend 1/2 there time with each parent no parent left behind or grand parents all get to see kids and help them.
a288c-familylaw-fathersandfamiliesFlorida laws require the parties to fill out and exchange financial affidavits, tax returns, and other documents. In non-collaborative divorces, this is usually prepared by each attorney at high hourly rates. By contrast, in collaborative divorce, the neutral financial professional is in charge of the required disclosure and does so at one hourly rate that is obviously much less expensive than two attorney hourly rates. The neutral financial professional allows each spouse to trust, but verify, before making financial decisions.




Many of you have reached out to Divorce Corp asking for specific ways you can help make a difference to correct the injustices of the family courts. We believe that there is a real opportunity to speak up and help right a wrong in this case Inguanzo vs. Rose.


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When most people think of divorce, they think of a courthouse battle. Florida’s court system pits husband versus wife, mother versus father, and what ensues is many times not too different from divorces depicted inWar of the Roses orKramer vs. Kramer.

But collaborative divorce is something different altogether.

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